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Rated 4.8/5 based on 12 customer reviews
"Always greeted wonderfully by the office personnel, simply Jody is the best OT in the city."
Feb 07, 2019
"Love it. Everyone is very nice."
Feb 05, 2019
"My 84-year-old mother needed therapy for her wrist and hand after falling and breaking her wrist. When she first began therapy, she was unable to close her hand, which made opening bottles and jars impossible. She also was unable to hold the wheel of a car, so she lost her ability to drive. Her ability to live independently was severely hampered. In addition, her arthritis in her hands complicated the recovery. However, Jody was exceptionally compassionate and skilled at working with my mother. Throughout the therapy process, she was sensitive to my mother's arthritis pain, yet was skillfully able to address her therapy needs. My mother has gained full independence once again. My entire family was so impressed with Jody. She is beyond five stars! "
Jan 19, 2019
"I am a repeat client. Some5 years ago, Jody treated me for severe shoulder pain following a total replacement, and my recovery was complete. Recently, my shoulder has again been painful, perhaps from too much swimming. I have now seen Jody 4 times and her magic is again working. I recommend her without reservation."
Jan 08, 2019
"Highly recommended! Staff and Jody are very personable. Worked wonders with my shoulder."
Nov 27, 2018
"I have arthritis in my hands. Jody is wonderful and the only place to go. "
Nov 06, 2018
"The office was friendly and staff efficient. Treatment for my injury was effective and made a big difference in my ability to use my hand and feel back to normal."
Oct 03, 2018
" I came to Hands On Rehabilitation after almost losing my dominant left hand in an industrial accident. Jodi is incredible. The doctors said I would have almost no use of my hand after the accident but thanks to Jodie and Linda I have much more use and mobility then anyone thought possible. With Jody's expertise and Linda keeping my spirits up I made much more progress than anyone thought possible, if you have to have physical therapy and rehabilitation go here, Hands down best place to help you recover bar none!!!"
Sep 01, 2018
"I have been doing therapy with Jody Heyman for 2 years and she is great. Her main focus is making sure that you can use your arms and shoulders and hands to the best of your ability without a lot of pain. I really appreciate her for being patient keep on doing what you are doing I will highly recommend her. Thanks for all you do."
Aug 30, 2018
"Had trouble in both left and right hand. The therapy is helping a lot. They were also nice enough to go to Dr appointment with me to make sure we’re all on same page. I would recommend to anybody. Very nice and friendly. "
Aug 28, 2018
"Jody is the best, she works with you to make sure you feel better when you leave then when you came in. The office staff is great as well! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
Aug 23, 2018
"Jody Heyman allows me to keep moving! Without her, my quality of life would be even more restrictive! Without her service I would NOT be able to even think of doing anything on my bucket list!"
Jul 18, 2018


Great place, helped immensely with my arm. I would recommend Jody to anyone. My arm is like new.

Martin L

After 3 weeks of therapy for neck and hand pain both are much improved. I have greater range of motion in my neck and little pain. The numbness and tingling in my right hand is reduced and I am regaining sensation in my fingers.

Jane M

Jody Heyman is so professional and helped me immensely with arthritic pain in my back and worked with me to help correct my mallet finger. She is a treasure and Linda is the best!

Anita D

I have been a patient of Jody’s for over 10 years. She has provided a combination of knowledge and care with a compassionate approach. Her treatment has improved my daily quality of life. I’d recommend her to anyone needing occupational therapy.

Tim M

I came to Hands On in a lot of pain, not able to raise my arm. Since coming pain has decreased and I am able to raise my arm a lot better. The people are like family and treat you that way. Very caring.

Pam P

What can I say about Hands On Rehabilitation but they are awesome. Always welcome with a smile from Lori and Linda. Jody is awesome and friendly and professional. Treatment second to none.

Peter L

I have never been to an office where everyone was so pleasant! I just love coming here. Jody is a lifesaver and has made such a difference in my healing! I am a hairdresser and my arms are always in an elevated position. Most of the time I have therapy twice a week which gives me such relief. But sometimes I need to see her at the last minute. I can call that day and she has always been accommodating. I can’t say enough about her- I just love her.

I also love the desk girls! They are always so sweet and accommodating. They are all like family to me.

Renee A

I needed relief of back pain to attend my husband’s funeral. She relieved my pain and all went well. Thank you Jody. I appreciate her seeing me on her day off.

Elaine A