Ergonomics Program

Jody is a certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist

Ergonomics is "fitting the job to the worker." No matter what work you do, ergonomics plays an important role in preventing occupational injury and illness. We provide ergonomic evaluations, assessments, and modification plans.

The evaluation involves observing you performing typical tasks, and then adjusting the workstation as needed (such as modifying a seating system, computer workstation, lifting tasks, adding biomechanical breaks, etc. ).

Examples of Service

With employee workstations, the goal is to arrange the workstation so that you achieve a neutral, comfortable working posture. During the workstation evaluation, our ergonomics staff may also note the need for different equipment. Services may include:

  • Computer workstation evaluations
  • Worksite evaluations
  • Post-injury worksite evaluation for injured or disabled employees

Proper ergonomics evaluation and workstation fitting can benefit both employers and employees by: Reducing injury risks,

  • Reducing work-related injury costs,
  • Improve the quality of work performed,
  • Reducing employee time off work,
  • Addressing repetitive stress injuries before the become chronic,
  • Improving work environment safety, and
  • Improving employee morale and wellbeing.

We do offer offsite ergonomic evaluations please contact us for pricing.